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Journey Guide Resources

Resources to help you guide are a click away. Select the particular hyperlink below to view and download the following Journey Guide Resources (documents):

• Locations to host a Journey group retreat (1/2 day, day and overnight retreats), Journey Retreat Locations


• Journey meeting schedule template 4 tabs in Excel including bi-weekly & weekly schedule,

Journey Group Schedule Template

• Letter to wives template,  Letter to Journey Wives Template

• Download the Spiritual Gifts Assessment  and the Spiritual Gifts Answer Table here.

For more Journey resources, please visit the Influencers Global Ministries website, and select either the Resources or Store areas of that website or Click Here.

Below are some helpful Guide DNA videos and Session Introduction videos to help our Guides prepare for the sacred responsibility of guiding men on The Journey. You can access Influencers Global Ministries YouTube Channel by Clicking Here where additional videos are available to you as a Guide.

Guide DNA #1
Guide DNA #2
Guide DNA #3
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