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About Frank


Frank Khalil

Executive Director

Influencers Tulsa

Born in the Paraiba Valley of Brazil, South America, Frank Khalil came from a third world country that, in the 1970s, gave no young boy a chance to succeed in life. After moving to the USA as a young boy, and spending his elementary and middle school years growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Frank found himself at age 14 back in his home country of Brazil. Frank had to move back with his parents and younger siblings and was having a very difficult time adapting. Frank decided to go to a church camp with one of his aunts, and it was during that week of camp in the rural jungles of Brazil that he surrendered his life to Jesus.

In the next few months, Frank was on a mission. He began to convince his parents that even though he was only fourteen years old, he was sure that God had called him on a mission. His mission was to come back to the United States to live with one of his older brothers who was going to school here in Tulsa. After almost a year of pestering his parents to put him on the plane alone, they did. His father made a decision that Frank says he would never make today. But, he fully understands why his dad did it then. Turns out it was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. His father, who had challenged Frank to take his first job at age 12, told him that he’d purchased Frank a one-way ticket to the US and that he was to make his way, on his own, to the final destination.

It was summer of 1990 and little did Frank know, that Tulsa, Oklahoma was the place God had ordained for him to become the missionary that he’s called to be today.

The mission became clear, after pursuing a career in Law Enforcement for nearly 15 years, that he was being called to become a fisher of men. Frank’s faith was so radically transformed by Influencers and The Journey process that, in the fall of 2012, God called him to walk away from his career and simply GO. As of March 2013, Frank has begun a new chapter of life with his precious wife and two children. Frank has stepped into the model of leading the “Journey” movement as the Regional Director for Influencers Tulsa.

As Frank would say to anyone he meets today, “God was preparing me for 37 years to do what I now know and understand is truly what I was created for…to be an Influencer for Christ.

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