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What Men Are Saying

I’ve been privileged over the past 2 years to be a part of two Journey Groups!  These Journey Groups experiences have rocked my world!  I’m a different man now, energized and ready to “finish strong” (as my friend Dave Jewitt would say) in my walk with the Lord!  You may be asking at this point, “What is a Journey Groups, and just how has it rejuvenated your spirit?”  To start, I was drawn to The Journey when I heard it was a  “Journey to intimacy with Christ.”  I had been searching for a means to this end without much success!  Now, let me tell you what a Journey Group (JG) is not.  It is not a Bible study, although the process of Journeying has a Biblical foundation!  What’s so unique about a JG is that it is designed to allow the Holy Spirit to disciple the man and/or woman!  A participant learns to ABIDE  in the Spirit thru the process of Journeying.  This process is achieved thru the use of a study manual, several key books, daily journaling, and participation in discussion groups. By the way, every heartfelt thought and intimate feeling that is shared in a JG session NEVER leaves the room!  The typical JG meets every other week for 9 months, and the meetings last 1&1/2 to 2 hours. There are JGs that meet on different days of the week and at all hours of the day.  Historically, JGs have been strictly for men, but  “times are a changing.”  Now there are couples JGs that are forming!  The Journeying has been a very positive turning point in my spiritual life!  I would certainly encourage any man or couple that would like to experience a deeper, more intimate Journey with Christ to join a Journey Group at the earliest.

Dr. James Geiger (Doc)

Tulsa, OK

To be honest, I came into the Journey half-heartedly because my brother-in-law was leading the group.  I have been saved & in church my whole life, but I had head knowledge, not heart knowledge.  My life had become split.  In one life I was the guy everyone saw around me- in church, clean-cut, a good person.  My other life was full of secret sin. Pornography, strip clubs, massage parlors & even infidelity had taken over my other life.   I had not been able to pray to God in over 5 years. The Journey opened my eyes to the fact that Christianity is something you do, not something you are called. I came clean to my family, friends & my Journey Brothers.   At first, the only ones that were there for me were my Journey brothers.  Since then, the Holy Spirit has helped my family, friends & my wife give me another shot.  I have regained my lost relationship with my Lord & Savior, and I now know I am on a life-long journey. Christ gave me life & life more abundantly.  Every man needs to be taken on this Journey.

Jonathan Honeyman

Tulsa, OK

The Influencers ministry has helped my daily time with the Lord.  It now takes on additional meaning and significance. By adding journaling to this “self-feeding” time, I have created a written history of how God is active in my life. The interesting significance is when I read my journal, sometimes months later, and I’m able to see clearly how He was working, even when I did not see it at the time.

Bruce Riddle

Tulsa, OK

The Influencer ministry and The Journey saved my life.  I was in a weakened state in my walk with God.  I was on an island of loneliness, thinking I was the only Christian man facing hard life issues.  As I found out, I was fighting the same battles in life that my other 14 Journey brothers were fighting.   God awoke and ignited His Spirit within me that had been crushed and blocked by unforgiveness and frustration.  I no longer had to fight and live life on my own, but instead, chose to live it through the Power of His Holy Spirit that dwells within me.   God gave me a network of support through the Journey and He gave me some of the best friends a man could ever have.   I now serve a God of Grace who loves me and cherishes me and directs my path, as I put all my Trust in Him!

Chris Hyslop

Tulsa, OK

For the first time in my life, The Journey has shown me that God created me to have an intimate relationship with him.  He truly desires to have a daily relationship with me….and not just any casual relationship; he wants to be my Daddy.  I see the Father in a whole new light now!

Bob Cole

Tulsa, OK

The Journey provided me with the opportunity to meet with other men and reflect on how God is working in our lives; personally as well as collectively.  In addition, the Journey is always pointing to Christ, encouraging one to spend more intimate time in prayer and reflection. From my experience, as both a participant and guide, the Journey is a profound method and resource for anyone who wishes to walk more deeply with God.

Greg McCann

Tulsa, OK

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