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The Journey is a personal progression into intimacy with Jesus Christ, rather than a study about Him. We believe our primary objective is not to lead a man in a study about God, but rather to walk beside him as we use foundational, biblical revelations that lead us toward a close, abiding relationship with Christ. It is only from this abiding relationship with Jesus that true life transformation takes place. Transformation means to change in character or condition or to convert. In spiritual discipleship terms, it means to change the man supernaturally into a better, more spiritual Man of God that God intended him to be.


This kind of transformation comes through proximity to that which the man seeks to become. A man who wants to become a mature Man of God, conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, must spend time in His presence. There is no other way to become like Jesus Christ. In our view, a man must learn to become what we call a “self-feeder.” That means that he has learned to spend time alone with God in a way that connects him with God at the heart. Real, genuine, authentic, transparent relationship is developed.


This doesn’t come easy for most men. Why?  The average man has a natural aversion to spending time in God’s presence. There are several reasons for this, but let’s try for a short explanation. Most men have been taught to live their Christian lives on a performance/work based system of “sin management,” rather than the grace based life that Jesus modeled and came to give us, which is rooted in dependence, trust and the freedom that can only be found in Him. The devastating results of this works based system is that men become cynical, tired, lonely, superficial, guarded and full of compromise. They struggle constantly with guilt and shame, blame and anger.


They try to be “good Christians,” but can’t seem to live the Christian life with any consistency. Since the normal reaction to our sin is to hide from God, rather than run to Him as He has invited us to, we resist Him. We resist, rather than seek to eagerly come into His presence to find the grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love that he longs to give His men.


We use the name “Influencers” because we believe that is what God calls each of His men to become. Jesus tells us that we are to bear much fruit in our lives for the glory of the Father. But He also tells us that we can only bear this fruit through a continuous, abiding relationship with Him. During The Journey, we follow a series of steps designed to help us discover this abiding relationship with Christ. It is this relationship that will begin to move us forward in becoming a man of influence.


The Journey lasts for nine months. The groups meet together as a group once every two weeks for a two hour session. The groups’ Journey Guide will also meet one-on-one periodically with the men in the group to get to know each other better, and to encourage each other on our journey. However, the heart of The Journey is the fourteen days between the sessions. This is when the participants will truly experience The Journey as they follow the steps laid out for them. The time needed for this is not burdensome, but it must be consistent from day to day. The participants are also helped to learn to journal, as we believe this is a key tool as we learn to connect with God on a deeper, more intimate level.

The Journey is a safe place in that each participant and Guide covenant with each other that all conversations are confidential. During The Journey trust is developed among the group, and we believe this helps a man understand better how to trust God.


Men who are going on this Journey need the help and support of their wives, friends and families. The Journey Guides understand that their role is only that of assisting each man in his personal journey towards intimacy with God. We understand that authentic heart change is the work of the Holy Spirit, and because of that, we also believe that one of our most important roles is to continually pray for each other during The Journey.​

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