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The Journey

What Is The Journey?


A Tool to Accomplish a Purpose

The Journey is a tool designed to accomplish a specific purpose. The purpose is to know God, to populate heaven, to see men come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to prosper the gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation. It’s about accomplishing the Great Commission that Jesus gave us using the same plan and method He used when He came 2000 years ago—MEN!


He came into a fallen world that was much like ours today. It was in turmoil politically, culturally, socially, and spiritually. Men saw His power and supernatural authority and they all had their particular plan for His life. They wanted Him to be a guerrilla warfare general of an army of zealots, or to take sides with corrupt politicians, to be a religious guru, or to be their King.


He, of course, would have none of that. He told them His kingdom was not of this world, and that His ways were much different from their ways. He demonstrated that by choosing and calling 12 of the most ragtag, unqualified group of ordinary men together to accomplish the extraordinary mission you could ever imagine; he entrusted them with His great mission of redeeming lost mankind back to God. He commissioned them to be His emissaries in going after His men. What a plan! What a mission! What a life!


Jesus did this by starting the first men’s ministry. He created men to be leaders, to take risks and to get things done. So, He took them on a journey to intimacy “with Him.” After all, he was unlike any leader they had ever seen, and they were attracted to this Rabbi who seemed to know where He was going and who found a value and worth in them that no one else could or would. He took lots of risks and did things in unorthodox ways, and that attracted them to Him even more. He was bold, hard to threaten, tough, gentle, strong, loving and risk-taking in a way that gave them the idea that this man had nothing to lose. He was fearless, and He definitely got things done.  Jesus recruited them, ate with them, traveled with them, modeled His life and values for them, and taught them how to live and how to die. Then He gave them the mission that would consume them for the rest of their lives, and that would see all but two die as martyrs for His cause.

The Journey is an attempt to do the same thing that Jesus did when He was hands-on ministering to His men. Its goal is to produce the same kind of men that He produced who basically, after the time they spent with Him, were equipped, ready and willing to spiritually turn an upside down world right side up.


Our world, nation, families, churches, and culture desperately needs men like these today.


The Three Main Components of The Journey


The first component is his personal “treasure hunt” during the days between sessions. This is the core of the Journey and the place where heart transformation takes place. This “treasure hunt” guides the participant towards the “Inner Chamber” where intimacy with Christ is discovered and experienced.


The second component is the one-on-one time between the guide and the participant. This individual time is critical to the participant’s journey as the guide and the participant share their life stories.


The third component is the bi-weekly sessions. These sessions are designed for the group to discuss their journey with each other and share the discovered truth. Each session enhances the other two components and ties The Journey together.


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