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Journey Rings


We want to let you in on a great way to support Influencers Tulsa, by purchasing an Influencers Tulsa Journey ring.  These rings are made by a Journey brother, and ALL of the profits go toward spreading the Gospel.  Half goes to support Influencers, and half go to proclaiming Christ on the airwaves in Turkey!  Turkey is 99.99% Muslim, and is the second most mentioned country in scripture!  It is where believers were first called Christians in Acts…most of Paul’s journey’s were throughout Turkey, and so many other Biblical stories took place there!  Also, these rings were made in Turkey.


One of our Journey brothers felt called by our Father in heaven to do this, and he isn’t taking a penny from this.  These would make a fantastic gift for any man who has gone through The Journey, and will be a great reminder to abide in Christ.  They are available in silver and gold, and both work the same financially.  Half of the profits go toward Influencers Tulsa, and the other half toward Radio Shema, which is proclaiming Christ on the airwaves.


For further information and to obtain these rings, please go to


Thank you, brothers!