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HOW you can partner with Influencers Tulsa

Support Influencers Tulsa


There are 3 major ways that you can support this ministry:


1. Prayer Support

Influencers is a faith-based ministry whose intention is to follow our King’s lead into the marketplace, find His men, and lead them to His side. We recognize that our battlefield will not be easily yielded by the enemy of our souls, and for this reason we desperately need your prayers for our mission and our target. Please make us a regular part of your intercessory prayer, as you approach the Lord.

2. Spread Our Message

The reproduction of our message to God’s men depends heavily on Guides who will take on their sacred responsibility and join us in the harvest. Pray that our King will raise up these men who will live it out and will help us spread God’s invitation to come closer to Him. The fields are ready to be harvested. Pray that the Lord will send us Harvesters to join with us.

3. Help us Financially

We need your financial support. We want to continue to make our literature and curriculum affordable for all and free for Veterans and anyone who cannot afford it (like those in prison). In order to do this, we need the generous assistance of our donors. We have been given a wonderful opportunity, as the Lord has opened the hearts of men across the nation and the world, and we want to respond as quickly and as broadly as our resources will allow. We need your help to move forward and keep up with the opportunities the Lord is providing. Your gift is tax deductible! We are a 501-C3 non-profit, charitable organization, federal tax ID #201174631. The financial investment you make in this ministry, to help us reach thousands of men for Christ, is tax deductible.

Thank you so much for giving to Influencers Tulsa!  Your support, whether it be a one-time gift or recurring, will be used to glorify God by reaching the men of Tulsa and calling them into a deeper relationship with our Father.


Your donation to Influencers Tulsa via Credit/Debit Card can be accomplished using the prominent secure Pushpay process/system.



If you would like to give by check, please make check payable to Influencers Tulsa, and mail to:
Influencers Tulsa
7799 S. Regency Dr.
Tulsa, Ok 74131



You may donate via text messaging by texting the word influencerstulsa to (833) 425-6555.

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